Thursday, February 7, 2013

I've joined Basho Japan from February 2013

I've started my new career as a Senior Software Engineer at Basho Japan KK, a 100% subsidiary of Basho Technologies, Inc., effective 1-FEB-2013. I'm very happy that my colleagues are all very much supportive for my startup as a new developer. I will try my best to catch up the lean software development process and to get the most out of both the elementary and advanced technologies for contributing to the company.

Basho is a wolf pack of the bleeding-edge Erlang/OTP and distributed system engineers, who have made Riak as an open source standard of highly-distributed and fault-tolerant databases. Catching up with the skilled engineers is a really tough job, but it's also very exciting to take the new challenges for making the actual software products to the customers. This is completely different from what I've experienced in the past 12 years as an academic/government researcher.

Basho's customers have a lot of demands for Riak already, and the company including myself has to meet the expectation while shipping the products on time and maintaining the high product standard. I will contribute my 22-year skills of network engineer, sysadmin, and an OS developer to the software development process, in the most effective way.

My participation to Erlang/OTP activities and ACM Erlang Workshop will remain the same.

So stay tuned for my pull requests and pieces of code!