Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Influences

My influences on programming, Internet, and computer skills:
  1. Tsuneji Rikitake, my father: who taught me basic math, FORTRAN, and financed my startup (of my professional career, indeed)
  2. Paul Vixie and DEC NSL people: for the primary idea of firewalls and Internet systems administration, and the proper engineering attitudes toward problem solving
  3. Daniel J. Bernstein: on re-thinking Internet protocols from the very beginning, especially on DNS
  4. Bruce Schneier: for the basic philosophy and principles of security, not only for computer systems
  5. UNIX gurus on Bell Labs and BSD communities: for the programming suite and styles, including C, awk, and Bourne shell
  6. Joe Armstrong and the Erlang programming communities: for letting me know a practical message-passing-based concurrency
I know there are many other people I should put on the list, but I will just keep this list small.

My salutation to Chad Fowler and Kevin Smith for reminding me of this topic.